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"In God We Trust"

Welcome to the American History and Heritage Foundation (AHHF). Our mission is to educate the public on American history and heritage.

One of the many projects we have been funding includes U.S. National Motto displays. We are actively engaged in helping distribute the U.S. National Motto around the country. Recently, the State of Texas began a push for the display of the national motto in Texas public schools. AHHF is happy to be helping Texans make this possible including Patriot Mobile who made national news for their gift of framed national mottos to Texas schools

Please use the contact form at the bottom of this page if you would like to coordinate a specific supply of posters to be donated to your local public school, college, university or to a public building.
















The Arkansas Legislature originally adopted the National Motto "In God We Trust" Display Act in 2017, sponsored by Rep. Jim Dotson of Rogers, Arkansas. This act allows for the display of national motto posters in Arkansas public school classrooms and public buildings if made available for that purpose. In 2021, the Arkansas legislature updated the National Motto Act by passing ACT 410 of 2021 which allows national motto posters to be donated by private individuals to be displayed in public school classrooms, universities or any public buildings that are supported by taxpayer dollars in the state of Arkansas. If a public school is not already displaying the national motto according to ACT 410 and a donation of posters is made to the school according to the law, the school SHALL accept the donation and put the posters up on the walls in all classrooms in fulfillment of ACT 410. 

We are helping with this effort by assisting the public to provide the posters for display.  Through November 2022 we have assisted various groups with the production, distribution, framing and display of over 37,000  U.S. national motto posters in public school classrooms and buildings in the states of Arkansas, Alabama, Kansas, Louisiana and Texas.



For a donation to AHHF to help cover our production and shipping costs, we will help you get national motto posters for your project needs.


We have updated our process to accommodate increased demands as of 08/23/2022. We are now only shipping posters in amounts of 50 or more for all requests made after 08/23/2022.


Through special partner arrangements we have made, we can have 11 x 17 posters made and shipped to you in amounts of 50 or more with your own specific state flag and U.S. flag for just $1 each. THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE FRAMES WHICH ARE EXTRA - SEE BELOW. We have made this simple to accommodate the increase in demand on our staff as of 08/23/2022. For example:

$50   donation will get you 50 posters.

$100 donation will get you 100 posters.

$200 donation will get you 200 posters.

$300 donation will get you 300 posters.

$400 donation will get you 400 posters.

$500 donation will get you 500 posters. 

$1,000 donation will get you 1,000 posters.

When you make your donation, simply put "National Motto" in the box marked "Donation in honor of" and it will prompt us to reach out to you to follow and up and get important details. Please make your donation and our staff will then follow up with you to ensure all details are in order. Staff will be requesting a shipping location for your posters. Staff will also help you if you wish to use our special arrangement for frames approved in Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana and Alabama.  



READ CAREFULLY TO ARRANGE FOR FRAMES: We also have a special partnership with Hobby Lobby which allows us to get an 11 x 17 frame for this purpose for just $1.50 plus tax - this must be specifically arranged through our staff. Please contact us to discuss your specific order, shipping arrangements and frame delivery if you have questions.


Thank you for displaying the U.S. National Motto "In God We Trust". 


We also have posters available for any

state by special order.

Please contact our office to discuss.





The American History & Heritage Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to educating and informing the public about American history and heritage. Our organization is proud to be the private sponsor of the The Ten Commandments Monument that was installed on the grounds of the Arkansas State Capitol. We also look forward to assisting and supporting other states, counties, and cities that are committed to installing similar monuments in honor of the principles and beliefs that are the foundation of our nation.  If you would like our assistance in having a Ten Commandments Monument or "In God We Trust" national motto monument installed, please contact us.

On April 8, 2015, the Arkansas General Assembly passed SB939 - The Ten Commandments Act and the Governor of Arkansas signed the bill into law becoming Act 1231.


The law states the "placing of a monument to the Ten Commandments on the grounds of the Arkansas State Capitol would help the people of the United States and of the State of Arkansas to know the Ten Commandments as the moral foundation of the law," and that the monument would be paid for by private donations. 

Less than 24 hours after the Ten Commandments Monument was installed at the Arkansas State Capitol on June 27, 2017, a criminal destroyed the monument by driving over it with his vehicle in a premeditated act of violence with intent to destroy public property.  The perpetrator was arrested and jailed awaiting trial - he was ultimately found to be mentally unfit to proceed with a trial and was released with psychiatric care. The American History & Heritage Foundation raised funds and arranged for a replacement monument to be finished as an exact replica of the first monument and reinstalled for the people of Arkansas - the replacement monument was installed and dedicated to the people of Arkansas on April 26, 2018.

A full copy of the legislation can be viewed by clicking here

To learn more about us and keep up with our efforts, check us out on Facebook and Twitter



To help the American History & Heritage Foundation continue to fund Ten Commandments Monument projects, assist and support the installation of "In God We Trust" national motto posters and fulfill our mission to educate the public on American History & Heritage, please make a tax deductible donation today to support our causes.


Or mail your donation to the following address:

American Heritage and History Foundation

P.O. Box 10388

Conway, AR 72034


All donations are used to complete ongoing projects.
Any excess funds for specific projects are used to fulfill our overall mission

to educate the public on American history and heritage. 

The American History & Heritage Foundation is an Arkansas non-profit corporation, and is an IRS approved 501(c)3 tax exempt organization.  Your donations are tax deductible.

We appreciate your support.



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